john3-200x300John Karren

Admissions Director, Co-Founder

John has been serving families in wilderness therapy programs for over a decade. Prior to founding Elements, John had extensive experience as both an admissions counselor and an admissions director.

John loves the outdoors himself and is passionate about its power to change and heal families. Born in the California Bay Area, John moved at a young age to Salt Lake City, Utah where he became involved in skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing and cycling.  John is now an avid triathlete where swimming is his best event and he does his best to grind through the other two events.

John spends a lot of time with his family and they are a huge support for him. He has been married to his wife Melanie for 21 years and has two children, Kolby (22) and Blair (20) both of whom are currently enrolled in college. His son plays college volleyball and John and Melanie rarely miss a game or tournament. His daughter is attending Utah State where she is studying to be a pharmacist. The whole family happily signs up to root for dad in his triathlons, especially when they’re in great locations like Mexico!

John has spent many years coaching his kids in their various events and loves sports of all kinds.