Alex J

Alex was born and raised in central and southern Missouri. He spent most of his childhood floating and fishing the rivers of the Ozarks in southern Missouri. Alex received his Eagle Scout award in 2009 and moved out to Colorado to attend Western State University. During his college years, Alex enrolled with the National Outdoor Leadership School for three months of backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering, and backcountry skiing in the Rockies. Alex graduated with degrees in Recreation and Outdoor Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 2017.

Alex began playing with a band while in college and continues to play percussion/ drums with the band when not at work. Alex is a working artist out in the American Southwest and is pursuing a Masters in Art Therapy. In his free time, Alex enjoys backcountry skiing in the winter; and fly fishing, mountain biking, and canyoneering in spring, summer, and fall.

Alex has a passion for combining the arts and other creative outlets within outdoor environments and brings this passion to Elements Wilderness Program.