Dylan M

Dylan M is originally from New York City and southwestern Connecticut. She stayed with her New England roots post-high school to attend Emerson College in Boston, MA where she studied a self-designed major, Investigative Theatre for Social Change. After graduating, Dylan moved to rural northeastern Arkansas with the national public service program, Teach for America, to teach digital communications, drama, audio visual technology, and computer business to 10-12th graders. While working with high schoolers she realized that the most positive and noticeable impact she was able to have on her students was when they were challenged and went beyond the traditional classroom setting and applied real world skills and class content beyond the walls of a classroom. (i.e field trips, extra-curricular activities, and off-campus opportunities during class). This motivation to work with kids in a more creative, unconventional, and ‘real world’ way was what lead Dylan to move to southeastern Utah to pursue different avenues for working with youth.

After making her way to Utah, Dylan taught first grade in Blanding for a year while planning and implementing ways she could incorporate her passions for education equity, outdoor education, adventure programming, and at-risk youth support and work. While living in Utah for a year and after completing her school year, Dylan decided to step out of the traditional classroom and discovered Elements through mutual friends and has eagerly worked with them ever since.

When on her off shift, you can most likely find her listening to bunches of podcasts, hiking everywhere and anywhere, visiting national and state parks, and watching documentaries about anything to do with rad people having awesome adventures.