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Field Mentor Position

Thanks for your interest in Elements Wilderness Program. We are searching for passionate, dedicated, and experienced outdoor professionals to welcome to the Elements team.

The next field mentor training opportunity for 2019 are:

March 1st to the 7th

April 12th to the 18th

May 17th to the 23rd 

Frequently Asked Questions

Field Mentors are the basis of our program. They spend 24 hours a day with the students building meaningful relationships and assisting them through the ups and downs of their stay. Mentors are very involved in both our students’ therapeutic process, and their daily lives. They are most importantly responsible for student safety, both physically and emotionally. Field Mentors work closely with the therapist to help implement the treatment plan designed for that week while maintaining the big picture approach for the students and the group.

A Field Mentor at EWP must be at least 20 years old, able to pass a Federal Criminal Background Check, pre-employment and random drug screenings, and have at least a High School diploma or equivalent. They must also be certified in First Aid and CPR at the minimum. As your job takes place outdoors, a strong love of the wilderness and camping is necessary. Patience, resilience, flexibility and a sense of humor are highly desirable traits.

Internships are on a limited basis. Most internships are accepted if it can fall into fulltime work. Internships with minimal availability become more difficult to honor. As a small program, Elements needs consistent and experienced staff to establish and maintain relationships with the students. Also, due to the schedule in the field it can be difficult for interns to get the number of hours their programs may require. If you are interested, please contact the recruiter for more information.

Yes, Elements operates year-round in two different course areas. In the summer, we are in the Manti-La Sal National Forest and the winter course area in the northern part of the San Rafael Swell.

Instructors will receive a list of required gear when invited on the training and are expected to own and maintain all their own gear. If you come to us with prior outdoor experience, whether personal or professional, chances are you have most of it already. Elements offers employees access to a wide variety of pro-deals to assist with the acquisition and maintenance of the gear you will need to have to go into the field.

Elements employees work through a level system, each level focusing on developing skills relevant to certain areas of the program. Field Mentors will start with an Apprenticeship which lasts 3 rotations. After that, you will move through the levels at your own pace with our support and direction: Instructor, Assistant Group Lead, Group Lead, and Advanced Lead. Group Leads make $215/day with Advanced Leads at $230/day. It’s possible to achieve the Group Lead position within 6-9 months. In addition, we do offer bonus-based retention contracts starting at six months of employment to those employees in good standing that commit to certain amounts of time. Upon successful completion of the initial staff training, your first paycheck will include a $250 training stipend.

Field Mentors work Tuesday to Tuesday, with two shifts alternating in the field. This provides ample time to get to know the students and address behavioral patterns to elicit change while also providing enough time off to relax and explore Utah or wherever to recharge!

For consistency and the ability of the staff to properly rest between shifts, we have found this to be best and do not have any other scheduling options.

Elements specializes in treating young men, ages 13-17, who are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues such as low self-esteem, mood dysregulation, anger and defiance, and poor relationships with peers, family members, and/or authority figures. Many of our students have begun to experiment with or abuse drugs or alcohol as the result of peer pressure and/or in an attempt to manage their own painful emotions. The young men we work with will have a wide range of issues but have in common the intelligence and internal resources to engage productively in therapy, form new pro-social ways of dealing with life’s challenges, and enter healthy, independent adulthood.

An Elements student will spend their entire stay in the wilderness on an extended expedition. There may be rare cases a student needs to go into town for a doctor’s appointment. Fewer interruptions from the expedition mean less distraction from their therapy and their work on themselves. We have found that we can deal with most issues that may arise in the field.

Most mentors live in the Salt Lake City area when not working to take advantage of the city and nearby outdoor attractions, such as skiing in the winter and hiking/biking trails in the summer. Some staff also choose to live in Moab to be closer to climbing sites and mountain biking trails. Staff can live wherever they want as long as they arrive to work on Tuesday at 9am well rested and ready to be present with both their staff team to plan in the morning, and engage with the students when they get to the field.

Definitely. Elements welcomes applicants who have previously worked in a related field or at other wilderness programs. Any prior experience working with youth can also be helpful. It is recommended that you have at least personal experience being outdoors to take care of yourself in order to focus on the students.

Yes, new hires are eligible for health insurance 60 daysfrom their start date.

An average stay at Elements is eight to ten weeks. We do a constant rolling admission which provides the opportunity to maintain positive group culture with the senior most students becoming student mentors and helping the newer students with acclimatization to the program as well as learning program expectations. Being small, Elements has the opportunity to individualize each student’s therapeutic needs so students’ experiences and lengths of stay can differ one from the other.

Elements Wilderness Program is an owner-operated company. Each of the three founders, John, Karen, and Lynn, are all active in the day to day operation of the company. Neal and Andrew also joined the team in 2015.

The Elements office is located at 130 North Main St in Huntington, Utah about 19 miles Southwest of Price, Utah off Highway 6. We are about two and a half hours from Salt Lake City and 2 hours from Moab. Visit our “Contact Us” page for a Google maps link.

The weather varies seasonally, and though the winters are often milder in temperature, we can see colder temperatures in December and January. We have in the past seen several feet of snow. Even after 4-6 inches accumulate, it’s not uncommon to have the sun melt it all away during the day. Summer temperatures can typically range from in the 30’s at night, to the 90’s during the day. Be sure to check the local forecast before coming out and ask the recruiter what the weather has been like before attending a training.

An Elements training is an extended job interview. Being invited on the training does not necessarily guarantee you a position with the company. Once on the training, you can expect to participate in a variety of lessons and scenarios, all geared at evaluating your drive and desire to work with this population, as well as existing skill sets (campcraft, self-care, decision making, etc) and resilience when faced with challenge. Upon successful completion of the training, scheduling and start dates will be discussed.

Please click on the link to download the application.


Please send in your resume, application, copies of current certifications, and two letters of recommendation. Feel free to call and ask questions and to send in your materials for our file. Any questions or inquiries concerning field mentor positions, please contact:

Nate Oglesbee

All applications can be emailed or sent to PO Box 1166, Huntington, UT 84528

Adventure Programming Instructor Position

We are looking to fill this position by March 1st. This would be a seasonal job starting March and going through September. You must have a current SPI certification or above in order to apply. You will be facilitating the adventure activities to all our clients during this period. Those with wilderness therapy experience or similar are preferred. Click here for job details. Adventure Programming Instructor

Please email Keith your professional resume and outdoor resume and copies of your current certifications that are applicable.  keith@elementswilderness.com

Therapist Position

We’re always considering adding additional therapists to our team. If you are interested, please contact our Clinical Director, Neal Christensen.

Please email Neal your resume and any copies of current certifications that are applicable.  neal@elementswilderness.com