Kaleb W

Kaleb Wright hales from Kodiak Island, Alaska. The last frontier of Alaska provided the backdrop of an untouched wilderness where he would first begin his grand adventure in the wilderness.  Kaleb left the emerald isle with a passion to study medicine.  While studying medicine at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Kaleb also worked in the local emergency room. Weeks consisted of hard studying while he saved the weekends to go explore the local mountains.

While preparing to enter med school, Kaleb decided to take a gap year to get one last crazy adventure in. Thru hiking up the Appalachian Trail seemed like a challenge that he was up for. During the final mountain of his 6-month hike, Kaleb decided that he did not want to go into urbanized medicine but find something that bridged the wilderness and medicine. Uncovering wilderness medicine led him to discover companies like NOLS Wilderness Medicine for medical certifications which he would eventually become employed by.

Kaleb left NOLS to come work at Elements because he is interested in exploring the behavioral side of wilderness education and care. Kaleb believes that the current health care system doesn’t always have the proper resources or education when dealing with behavioral and emotional needs. Kaleb was raised as a Christian that loves all people and wants to do whatever he can to help those around him. Kaleb loves fly fishing, pack-rafting, backpacking, and canyoneering in his time away from work.