Madeline H

Madeline grew up in a rural suburb of Milwaukee, WI, surrounded by an ample number of animals and dirt.  At the age of 5, her parents packed up their chunky suburban and headed west for a summer vacation. This was the first time she came face to face with the Rocky Mountains. It was love at first site. She knew her heart and soul belonged in the Wild West.

Madeline attended The College of Wooster, where she graduated with a degree in Geology.  Though she continually loves researching the earth’s unique landscapes and rock compositions, Madeline knew she craved a different experience. After her freshman year of college, Madeline signed up for a five-week backpacking and canoe trip in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. These five weeks morphed her fears of physical and mental challenge into a passion for working and learning in the wilderness. Never did she feel so alive and comfortable in her own skin.

Due to her individual experiences in the natural world, Madeline became fascinated with the psychology of the uncomfortable. She believes the wilderness is the most powerful tool for intervention. It strips you of everything that’s comfortable, which is when individuals determine what they are capable of.  Madeline sought out Elements as an opportunity to provide this experience to troubled adolescent boys, and to remain personally challenged every day at work.

During her free time, Madeline enjoys trail running, climbing, hiking, and cooking all meals that involve sweet potatoes.