Mike Flynn

Family Service Coordinator


Mike, originally from St. Louis, began working with youth while attending Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. Focusing his studies on obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and utilizing the school’s outdoor leadership program, Mike began exploring the wilderness as an intervention for youth falling into maladaptive patterns. After school, Mike went on to gain more experience working at an elementary school as a counseling intern, a field staff at another wilderness program in North Carolina, and working as a direct care worker at a residential treatment facility. These past experiences lead to challenge Mike in developing skills needed to work effectively with youth and families, as well as to inform him of what he values in a program, leading him to come to work with Elements.

Since coming to Elements, Mike has spent time working within the field as a Field Mentor and has transitioned into his current role in coordinating and facilitating parent visits. Through his past experiences and in-depth understanding of the Elements program, Mike works to support parents in gaining perspective on their son’s process and experience at Elements while also hoping to engage parents in their own process as it relates to their son’s.

During his time with Elements, Mike has come to love Utah as a home and will tell you it’s one of the best playgrounds you could ever visit. Outside of work you’ll likely find Mike riding his bike or skiing depending on the season.