Arden T

Arden was born in Charleston, SC and grew up loving the outdoors, especially playing soccer and visiting islands on the boat with her family. Arden began life guarding when she was 16, and she believes this paved the road for a lifelong intention of helping her community. She worked as an instructor for a Junior Lifeguard Program on the beach in Charleston and then spent 3 years supervising this program, as well as a rural swim lessons program. Arden received a BA in Psychology from College of Charleston. After leaving Charleston, Arden worked in behavioral therapy with children with Autism and as an EMT in San Diego, CA.

Arden’s passion is to help people and is grateful for the opportunity to grow as a Field Mentor at Elements. She hopes to continue her education to be a Physician Assistant and work internationally.

Arden loves to travel and has spent the past few years going on solo backpacking trips around the world and working seasonally around the US. She loves all things outdoors, including trail running, yoga, surfing, sailing, hiking, camping, and climbing. Her goal is to focus on climbing and mountain biking while she is living in Utah. She also hopes to own some chickens and have a veggie garden.