Ben O.Ben O

Nature writer Edward Abbey said that if you advocate for the preservation of the natural world but never experience it, it’s meaningless. After working in Santa Cruz, Ca at environmental non-profit organizations, Ben decided to see the wilderness by hiking nearly 2,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. The adventure continued on to Alaska and reaffirmed his love for the wilderness. Ben returned home to Los Angeles where he realized that working a typical 9-5 job with a commute was just not for him. Wilderness therapy was on his radar and his passion for helping people was a match to working outside. Ben started with a Wilderness Therapy company in Alaska where he canoed through the open ocean of South East Alaska. As much as he loved Alaska, Ben was drawn into the canyons of Utah and found Elements Wilderness where he got to explore the beauty of the desert while fulfilling his passion of helping people.