Bennie F

Bennie was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. While she loves her home in the mountain bubble, in her early twenties she lived in Argentina for a year-and-half, fought wildfires with the U.S. Forest Service in Wyoming, and traveled for a year all the way down to Mexico in an ambulance that she converted into a tiny home.

Eclectic and interpersonal, Bennie struggled to decide what to study in college because she was interested in many different fields. She switched her major several times from Elementary Education, Nursing, Cinematography, and finally graduated with her undergrad in Communication Studies and Family Science. She realized that human connection was what mattered most to her and wanted to pursue learning how to build long-term relationships with people – inside and outside of the workplace.

Some of Bennie’s most meaningful experiences, lessons, and relationships have formed in the wilderness. She feels like it’s her calling in life to guide others who are struggling, or simply desire to refine who they are. She loves how Elements provides an experience that caters to both of those aspects.

Bennie’s hobbies include rock climbing, spamming her friends with TikToks she thinks are funny, and snuggling with her 11-year-old, four-legged friend, Maizee.