Brett C
Brett C

Group Lead

Brett was born and raised in Connecticut. He was introduced to the outdoors by his parents in the form of skiing and hiking, and immediately took an interest in those activities. Skiing especially played a large role in Brett’s childhood, as he spent his winters competitively ski racing and founded the ski team at his high school. Upon graduating, the promise of bigger mountains and deeper snow lured him to attend Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

At Westminster, Brett studied marketing and outdoor education, and was very involved in the school’s Outdoor Program during his time there. Here, Brett expanded his outdoor interests to include backpacking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and also developed a deep appreciation for the large, protected wilderness areas around Utah. As an office assistant and trip leader for the Outdoor Program, Brett learned many of the skills necessary to safely lead people in the outdoors. Through this process, he experienced the profound impact that wilderness and experiential education can have on people’s lives which inspired him to pursue a career in the field of outdoor education.

After earning a degree at Westminster, Brett took an instructor course with the National Outdoor Leadership School, and became a certified instructor for the school. Shortly after that he came to Elements, drawn by his desire to explore the therapeutic benefits of wilderness experience and to make a positive impact on the lives of the students.

When Brett is not working in the field, he enjoys backcountry skiing, rock climbing, and outdoor adventures in general. He also likes to play his guitar, read, and spend time with friends.