Chloe D

Chloe grew up in Northern California and Southeastern Idaho. After high school, she studied therapeutic recreation at BYU-Idaho and understands the value in all things recreational therapy.

When Chloe was little, if you were ever wondering where she went, all you’d have to do is check outside. She would either be picking blackberries by the creek, or searching for turtles and pollywogs IN the creek, doing flips on the trampoline, playing air soft with her brothers, or finding anything mischievous to get into like jumping off the roof into the pool.

Chloe enjoys lots of hobbies with her most recent being anything with wheels such as skateboarding and roller skating. She also loves fly fishing, rock climbing, hiking to hot springs, mountain biking, and her personal favorite – skiing.

As an adventure addict, Chloe fines any and every chance she gets to explore and travel. She lived in Chile for nine months to learn Spanish and do service for others. Between her various jobs such as working at residential centers for adults with disabilities to teaching English and even being a swim coach, Chloe knows how to work with others and help them strive to become the greatest version of themselves.