Christian B

As a kid, Christian spent family vacations skiing and hiking the Adirondacks of NY and the White Mountains of NH. After moving out west, Christian’s love for the outdoors was reinforced by exploring national parks, British Columbia, and the Cascades in his backyard.

Upon completing his associate degree from North Seattle College, Christian suspended his education to focus on healing from chronic mold illness. On his road to recovery, Christian became holistically health conscious, practiced resilience, and learned the importance of a support system. Lifelong psychological struggles and a breath work induced spiritual awakening ultimately sparked a fascination with the nature of reality and the mind. He’d like to study psychology and investigate further how to cultivate inner peace.

Throughout his journey, Christian’s eyes were opened to the benefits of an intimate and harmonious relationship with Mother Earth. Primed for a new beginning, Christian discovered Elements on a spontaneous trip to the desert to experience its healing properties.

In addition to outdoor recreation, Christian enjoys playing the guitar, cooking, and gardening with his mother.