Assistant Group Lead

Danny grew up in San Diego where the love of water and surfing cultivated his environmental passions for the natural world. Danny’s adventurous lifestyle led him to travel after high school where there was an innate need for him to witness the fantastic story that can only be viewed from longstanding cultural beliefs. After traveling and volunteering, Danny found a passion for sustainable agriculture in developing nations.

This led Danny to move to Boulder where he completed his BA in Environmental Studies with a focus in Environmental Economics and Global Food Policy at Naropa University.  While studying in Boulder, Danny spent five years as an early childhood educator at schools that emphasized social and emotional development through environmental education, nature, and gardening.  Danny has always felt drawn to teaching and learning, sharing ideas and transcending the connection between humans and the natural world. This selfless nature has led Danny to combine his love for teaching and the wilderness and become a positive mentor in adolescent development.

When Danny is not at elements he is planning out his next adventure, find solidarity with friends and family,  and working on his portfolio for graduate school to continue his work in Food Justice Sustainability in the global sector.