Evan F

Before Evan developed a passion for the outdoors, he grew up in the concrete jungle of New York City where the closest thing to wilderness was Central Park. In the summers, Evan first got his taste of the outdoors by attending a sleep-away camp in mid-coast Maine where he would eventually go on to work as a cabin counselor. While still working on his college degree, Evan did a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) semester in Patagonia, Chile where he spent three months sea kayaking along the coast and then learning the ropes of mountaineering in the Andes. Upon returning to the States, Evan took a few brief hiatuses into the corporate world and cemented his belief that the typical 9-to-5 office life was not for him.

By the time Evan graduated from Gettysburg College with a degree in Political Science, he was spending his summers in a leadership capacity as an Age Group Supervisor and then going on to running the Counselor-in-Training program for the camp. During the cooler months and slightly shorter days of the spring and fall, Evan continued to work in outdoor education in mid-coast Maine where middle school students are introduced to the wilderness for a few days at a time. When the snow starts falling, Evan can be found shredding up the slopes as a Snowboard Instructor at resorts in Vermont and Utah.

Evan’s latest endeavor of working in wilderness therapy at Elements has combined his interest of both sharing his knowledge of outdoor living skills and fostering strong communities where students can slow down and appreciate their natural surroundings.