Jesse D

Jesse is an adventurer born in Southern California, although he traveled the world as a Marine Corps brat. His favorite place to live was in Germany, where his family hiked through enchanted forests to find the ruins of old castles. After graduating from Principia College with a degree in art, Jesse jumped from city to city soaking up as many curious and stimulating experiences as possible. Jesse served snacks on film sets in Hollywood, worked in a factory in San Francisco, drove to Alaska and around the country on a 19,000 mile road trip, managed a candy store in Brooklyn, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, led history tours in NYC and kayaking tours in the Prince William Sound.

Jesse loves working at Elements because each week is an adventurous journey, and he likes to see people challenge themselves to embrace change. He also loves reading Russian novels, taking pictures for Instagram, painting, watching horror movies and eating candy and cookie dough ice cream.