Josh M

Connecting to nature has been a great part of Josh’s life since his youth.  He has found the outdoors healing, therapeutic, adventurous, and a great way to find answers, realizations, and inner peace. Josh feels the mission of Elements hits his heart.

Growing up back east, Josh spent summers hiking mountains, paddling lakes, and kayaking rivers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and upstate New York.  Once he had a life changing river trip down the San Juan River in Southern Utah in 1989, his heart has kept him in the beauty of the West.  Josh always had a drive and passion to serve others on their personal paths in life.  Truly, he could not find a better way to do so than with the pairing of the great outdoors.

Since 1995, Josh has worked as a juvenile coach/counselor, addiction/detox counselor, a white-water rafting guide and instructor.  Recently, he spent six nights with a group of fellow staff. The experience was phenomenal.  At the end, he realized how much more he is ready to dive into the work supporting students with their journeys.

When Josh is not in the field, you might find him in the DJ booth at a public radio station, exploring the four corners, or floating down a river.  New or known, he loves getting out into vibrant scenery.

With his passion for wilderness, conservation, and awareness paired with years of training and experience, Josh is a great asset to the team and youth at Elements.