Julynel K

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Julynel has traveled to Utah, with the intention of fulfilling her desire in being an act of service— expressing that becoming a part of the team at Elements has given her that exact opportunity.

Devoted to her own personal growth and healing, Julynel believes the wilderness has great medicinal value, and is the perfect environment for those beginning their journey inward, and meeting the parts of themselves that they’ve yet to become aware of.

Actively studying Non-Violent communication, and practicing Zen Buddhism, Julynel finds herself naturally engrossed by the beauty of life and lives with tremendous amounts of curiosity. This curiosity has empowered her desire to connect with others on a level that grants for all to feel seen and heard.

Having experienced years of DBT counseling herself, all throughout her adolescent years, Julynel has developed a deep love and appreciation for mindfulness. Using meditation, Qi-gong, Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing), hiking, yoga, and writing as ways to push and challenge herself within her own journey.