kally2Kally B

Group Lead

Kally was born in Sonora, California but grew up in Ontario, Canada where she spent her free time swimming in lakes, catching frogs, hiking and kayaking. After high school, Kally participated in a Canada World Youth program where she planted vegetable gardens at schools in Brazil. This experience sparked her passion for the outdoors, community development, and experiencing different cultures. Throughout her undergraduate years at McGill University, Kally worked as a Floor Fellow which reinforced her love for community building and working with youth/young adults. She spent her summers traveling in South America, working on an asparagus farm in Canada, and interning for a health and education NGO in Chennai, India.

Upon graduation, Kally took off to Guatemala to volunteer with EDELAC (Escuela de la Calle) in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala. The EDELAC helps vulnerable kids and youth by providing them with an education and housing/food. Kally started as an English teacher in the elementary school that has almost 200 students, and then worked as a volunteer coordinator of a home for twenty kids/teens. She also helped with fundraising and translations for the trekking organization that takes tourists on hikes in order to raise money for the school and home. She fell in love with the organization, with Xela and with the kids of the “hogar Perry Hovde”. Kally ended up staying for almost two years and is planning her return in the near future.

Kally is excited to be working for Elements Wilderness Program where she feels fortunate to be able to combine her passion for working with youth and her love for the outdoors.