LoureeLouree H

Field Director

Louree came to Elements after years of devoting herself to the support, recovery, and education of youth. Louree grew up in Nebraska dedicating much of her life to swimming. She headed to the University of South Dakota to continue her swimming career and study elementary education. After college she took an opportunity with Americorps that brought her to rural Vermont while working at a program helping provide opportunities for teens in the area. While volunteering with Americorps, she found ways of getting involved with her local community and providing service projects to get others involved as well. Realizing then that she was intensely drawn to helping students and teens that were struggling, Louree decided to take the next step of moving to Utah to quench this desire where she found wilderness therapy in 2011. Wilderness therapy provided Louree incredible depth and breadth of understanding herself, her relationships, as well as to the needs of the students. After coming to Utah for what she thought was going to be a short jaunt, Louree discovered the outstanding life that Utah provides and the passion she has for her work. She has stuck around for far longer than she originally expected, and still has many more peaks to climb, children to help, and couloirs to ski.