Nate A

Nate grew up in Maine hiking, avoiding mosquitoes, and eating peanut butter and jellies at the beach. He played basketball and soccer in high school and enjoyed climbing the mountains of Northern Maine. After high-school, he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and received his BFA in Music Performance in guitar.

Through his schooling, he had the opportunity to study guitar in Italy and took time to travel around the Mediterranean. He returned home with blisters on his fingertips and a new appreciation for a slower, more thoughtful approach to daily life.

Nate returned to Maine for a few months after college, where he worked a desk job, quit, and decided he wanted to work outside. For the past three years, he has been working with at-risk youth and youth with disabilities in the outdoor world. Working for Elements is pretty much his dream come true as he gets to live and work in a place that inspires growth and change within clients and himself.

He loves to climb, backpack, and watch Chelsea FC dominate the English Premier League. He hopes to start performing music again on his off-shifts and explore the western half of the country while doing so.