nate-bNate B

Advanced Lead

Nate was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Being one of six children, Nate learned at a young age the true meaning of sharing and patience. As a family they would often take camping trips and explore the world. Having traveled to 20 plus countries, Nate has had a wealth of worldly experiences. From working in butterfly gardens in the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica to nursing baby monkeys back to health in the Amazon, Nate is never without a story of his adventures.

Since graduating with a degree in Outdoor Education from the University of Minnesota, Nate has dedicated himself to the wilderness. Nate has designed and led a trip down the rivers of Canada with people of all abilities and disabilities and has led 50 daylong trips in Northern Minnesota. He uses the natural environment to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Nate has spent the majority of his adult life under the stars sitting by a fire talking with students.

Nate is driven by the connections he can help facilitate between the wilderness and our daily lives. He strives to empower and promote leadership within the students. Nate uses humor as a building block in which he gains rapport and connects personally with everyone he encounters.