Paddy D

Paddy grew up living in Chatham, New Jersey his whole life.  He graduated from Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT where he studied Philosophy and Education.  Through his studies as a philosophy major, he became intrigued by the works of Aristotle namely his Nicomachean Ethics.  Within the work, Aristotle discusses the ways for humans to truly become happy through the acclimation of virtues.  The virtue that stuck out to him the most was generosity, being able to give something to those who need it most, be it money or your own skills. Since then, Paddy has dedicated his life to be the happiest person he can be.  Whether it be hanging out with friends, snowboarding, surfing, or bringing a smile to those who need it.

Paddy found his calling for providing a smile to those who need it most during the summer going into his junior year when he worked at The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp, a summer camp for children with life threatening illnesses.  This summer would go on to change his life and set him on the path he’s on now.