Porter Macey, PhD, LMFT

Rather than seeking many friends, Porter has always been more interested in closeness and connection with the few friends he has. Because he nurtured these relationships, he was often the person people would come to when they needed to talk. A defining moment in his path to becoming a therapist came in high school when a close friend called him late one night to share her struggles. After spending several hours with her he reflected on his conversation. This was the first moment he realized he could use his talents to help others, and his old dream of becoming a professional skier soon gave way to a new path.

He decided he needed to learn more about therapy and despite his intentions of focusing on others, he learned more about himself in the process. The more he grew as a person and a therapist, the more confident he became that he had something useful to offer to those in pain. Porter brings a calm presence to therapy even in the most explosive of circumstances. As an undergrad he earned a Psychology degree at Utah State University. It was during this time he made the decision to focus on relationships. Porter values connection, and believes that loving relationships are essential to feeling satisfied. During his Master’s program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Ohio’s University of Akron, Porter fell deeper in love with therapy and threw himself into his work. He read books written by the masters of therapy, he constantly asked his supervisors to observe his therapy, and he was constantly thinking about how people change. One thing he noticed was that self-worth and security give people the courage to be vulnerable with others, which in turn increases intimacy and connection within the relationship, which then can foster healthier patterns and positive change. He also recognized how the behaviors of one family member impact the others. He discovered the power of empathy and the importance of listening. When you meet with Porter for therapy you will notice that he is empathetic, loving, and client-driven, meaning he values your experience.

Upon receiving his Master’s degree he earned his license as a Marriage and Family Therapist and decided to continue his education by getting his PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University. After completion of the PhD coursework he, his wife, and their three children decided they had been away from the mountains long enough! They choose to return to Utah to enjoy the outdoors while pursuing his career as a therapist.

When Porter talks about his experience as a father and husband going through grad school he looks back on the experience that and his family have shared, and he is grateful for the challenges. Sometimes, he says, we need to take one step back to be able to take two steps forward. When you work with Porter he will help you develop a better perspective on who you are and why you do the things you do. At times this can be challenging, (taking one step back) but once you have more insight into your struggles you can move forward in the direction you have been wanting. Because of his vast experience, Porter has been able to work in multiple setting ranging from a not-for-profit therapy clinic in urban Akron Ohio to an intensive outpatient clinic for substance abuse in the heart of West Texas. He has seen a lot of suffering as a therapist but he will be quick to tell you he has seen even more hope, love, and progress. Porter is excited to be at Elements and looks forward to building relationships with the clients and their families. When you meet Porter you will notice a feeling of unconditional positive regard. He is non-judgmental and believes that we are all trying our best to find happiness and peace. No one is choosing to suffer, but we do get stuck sometimes. One of his main goals as a therapist is to foster trust and safety in the therapeutic relationship so everyone is free to explore problems and solutions without fear or judgments. He believes that we are impacted by the people in our lives just as we have an impact on them. Porter strives to make a positive impact on all those he works with.