Rachel S

Rachel grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey where she first developed a passion for classical ballet, yoga, hiking, and physical wellness.  Rachel is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in psychology at Arizona State University, has a passion for learning holistic forms of healing and rehabilitation, and aspires to become a counseling psychologist in order to help those struggling with addiction and substance abuse.

Rachel has experience working with young children and adolescents through several educational and volunteer projects in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Tanzania.  At each location, Rachel volunteered as an English teacher, child caretaker, and professional development coach for young adults who never received an adequate education.  Through her travels and volunteer experiences, Rachel developed a passion for working with youth, a greater sense of gratitude, independence, and learned to find comfort in the unknown.

These experiences inspired Rachel to join Elements.  She believes that the healing principles of nature provide the necessary space for adolescents to reconnect to their true inner values and develop a greater sense of accountability, independence, gratitude, and empathy towards others.

On her time off, Rachel loves backpacking, yoga, painting, and just about anything outdoors.