Ryan A

Ryan was born and raised just outside of Tampa, Florida. At the age of sixteen, he was exposed to rock climbing and was quickly immersed in the climbing community. The value of the wilderness was made apparent through weekend climbing trips in the Southeast. Ryan thanks these early experiences for fostering an autonomous sense of self, as well as, the development of his closest friendships.

Eventually, Ryan would graduate from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg with a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a focus in risk, resilience, and prevention. The degree prepared Ryan for a career oriented towards research. Upon reflecting on his time guiding at-risk youth for North Carolina Outward Bound, he recognized a career conducting research indoors would do a disservice to his passion for people and the wilderness. Wilderness therapy presented a unique opportunity for Ryan to fuse passion and profession. So, he ditched his growing corporate camo of collared shirts and ties to join us here at Elements.

During his off-shifts, he spends time traveling to visit friends, climb, and explore the lesser known public lands of the American West.