Spencer H

Spencer is from Virginia/Washington D.C. and has been living in Utah for some time. He learned to love the outdoors at a young age by hiking through rivers and fly fishing with his father. He continues to be an avid fly fisher today. Other hobbies include traveling, photography, reading, river floating, concert going, climbing mountains, descending canyons, etc.

Spencer has spent most of his professional career working with youth in various ways, such as a climbing/rappelling director for the Boy Scouts of America, Utah Special Olympics friend/coordinator, and as a mentor at a residential treatment center here in Utah. Spencer made the transition into wilderness therapy to combine his love of working with young people, with his love for being in the great outdoors. His experience outside has been a story of adventure, and also growth, meaning, and connection with which he hopes to share and help create a space where others may experience their own version of this.