Timb M

Timb grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota, but grew up traveling whether it was to go car camping in Wisconsin or hanging out with cousins in Sicily. Unknowingly, he began working in Outdoor Education in 2009 as a summer camp counselor and has been around the industry since then.

Timb earned his associates degree in Outdoor Leadership at Vermilion Community College and his BA in Anthropology and Outdoor Education at Western Colorado University in 2015. When Timb needs to earn money he splits his time between working at Elements in the winters and Voyageur Outward Bound School in the summer. His first winter at Elements was in 2015 and the desert has pulled him in ever since. He loves trail life and gets a lot of enjoyment from challenging the students and being challenged by them.

When Timb isn’t working he can be hard to find. Whether he is walking long distances across foreign lands or exploring canyons of Utah, he probably isn’t reachable.