Adventure Programing

Elements’ incorporates Adventure Programming to compliment our strong therapeutic foundation.  We believe AP provides a unique experience for students during their wilderness experience, and we are so fortunate to operate in one of the most beautiful field areas in the country.  The challenge of activities including rock climbing, rappelling, canyoneering, and low ropes courses can provide a host of powerful teaching opportunities.  Positive outcomes include increases in self-confidence, self-efficacy, problem solving skills, effective communication, self-awareness, trust, and developing healthy coping strategies.  The best part of all of it is that these adventure sites are all accessible right within the students hiking itineraries, allowing us to still provide them with one unbroken and epic therapeutic experience.

Adventure Programming is a powerful way to put the life skills they are learning into action, all while helping them learn how much more capable they are than they had previously thought. What we love about it from the field experience is that adventure days are a short-term goal to strive towards, as their week has to go smoothly in order to get to the next adventure site. They are then met by our Adventure Programming Coordinator, who is not just a guy who loves climbing.  Keith has devoted his undergraduate study and his career to Adventure Programming, and has sought and achieved the country’s highest level of safety certification through the American Mountain Guiding Association (AMGA).  AMGA is established as an international industry leader in training and certification for climbing and mountaineering.

AP offers our students an alternative view to challenges in life, and how to negotiate them with a sense of empowerment. We believe adventure-based challenges will accelerate the therapeutic process while building confidence to make healthier overall decisions.