Expedition Model

Our boys have long sought distraction as a way to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. That is why we believe that a comprehensive program set in an environment free of outside distractions provides the best space for our boys to come to real understanding about their role in their life. We have found that to be best achieved in a constant expedition model, rather than in a “base camp” model, where students spend a bulk of their time in transition between the field experience and the base experience.

The intrinsic benefit of the one unbroken journey that our expedition model provides is that all our observation and assessment happens in real time, in the group, rather than in an artificial “outpatient-style” setting that was designed for our own comfort. Our therapists, our staff, our adventure programming director, and our back up and support are centered around each group, not the other way around.

Our boys own their journey, and the sense of accomplishment they get from being out there is unparalleled.