Our primary responsibility is to ensure the physical, emotional, and psychological safety of our students at all time. Higher order change can only occur when a person is not concerned for their immediate safety. This is why Elements is not a boot camp, and does not employ any form of deprivation as a means to force compliance. Of all the research we have investigated and performed, the idea of “breaking students down to build them up” has been disproven time and again. This is also why our staff are trained exhaustively and have several redundant forms of communication so that they can always access all the same emergency services that one could find in civilization.

Our field mentors are background-screened and extensively vetted for appropriateness of fit. They are consistently evaluated and they consistently and formally evaluate each other in order to continuously develop themselves as professionals working in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare.  They come from varied backgrounds, but one thing is common amongst all staff who work with our kids: a heart for our boys and the work we do, and a desire to grow in their professional lives as well as their personal lives.