Keith M

Adventure Programming Director 

Keith is a true believer in the helping and healing power that the natural environment possesses. Before graduating with a degree in Expeditionary Studies, Keith helped design a program that taught rock climbing to people who had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The results for the participants went well beyond what anyone had expected. Without realizing the effects the program would have, the participants quickly began engaging with staff about how they were more motivated, self confident, and happy after they began pushing themselves on the climbing wall. Keith says, “It wasn’t me or any of the instructors that made the difference in these people’s lives. It was the environment of climbing and the courage and work that came from within, which made the biggest impact.” The TBI program was the catalyst that drove Keith to use his outdoor skills to help others in the field of wilderness therapy.

Prior to moving to Utah from Connecticut, Keith, discovered his own love for the outdoors while competitively sailing on the Long Island Sound. Throughout his childhood he loved sailing and soon after found a passion for instructing and coaching young adults. Keith has eight years experience working with teenagers doing anything from coaching sailing to guiding high up in the mountains. Keith’s passion lays in helping others find purpose and virtue through their own outdoor experience.