Michael S

Michael was born in Pennsylvania but spent most of his childhood in Florida. Michael enjoyed the beaches of Florida, but was always drawn to the deep woods and nature of the Appalachian Mountains when he would return to Pennsylvania to visit his family.

Michael moved to Utah in 2011 to attend college and jumped at the chance to explore and learn new outdoor sports. Within a year of moving to Utah, Michael had picked up rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, canyoneering, mountain biking, and even a bit of skiing. Since then, Michael has been very active in the outdoors.

Michael attended Snow College and graduated with a degree in Science focusing in Biology. While enrolled at Snow, he worked in a student mentoring program. This program was able to transform him and really show how much he loved helping others. Elements combines everything that Michael loves and feels passionate about.

In his free time, you can most often find Michael climbing mountains, canyoneering and taking his husky Karma with him to rappel with her own gear.