Bailey L

Bailey grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He always remembered spending the early part of his life exploring the little hiking trails around his house. In high school, Bailey had trouble doing his homework in a library so he would take all his homework with him on a hike to a waterfall where he would be able to shut off from the commotion of the digital world.


Later in life, Bailey pursued healthier avenues to cope with the stress of life. It started with him exploring rock climbing and building himself a community around that. This allowed him to explore places that he has never been to before and meet people that he never thought he would.


This led Bailey to pursue his passions in Utah where he started working as a construction worker to become familiar with the area. This allowed him to fund other hobbies such as snowboarding, backpack paddle boarding, canyoneering, trail running, and off-roading


When Bailey is not being active, you can usually find him doing yoga with a cool view, playing his ukulele, or baking.