Bridget K 

Bridget comes from New Hampshire and while she didn’t spend a lot of time in nature growing up, she developed a passion for the outdoors after entering college. She valued her time in the outdoors so much that she decided to make it a career and study Outdoor Education at the University of New Hampshire. Alongside learning the technical skills of backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and even dog-sledding, Bridget focused her studies on learning ways to increase diversity in the outdoors because she believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the power of nature. At the University of New Hampshire, she was also captain of the climbing team and worked as a climbing wall instructor.

Following college, Bridget spent time working in Nepal as a program consultant for an up and coming outdoor education company, the first of its kind in Nepal. There she was able to educate the staff on risk management, program development, and industry best practices.

After this experience, she wanted to spend more time working closely with a group and making a difference in people’s lives, so she decided to seek out a job working in wilderness therapy. She believes that nature is the best teacher and loves being able to experience that with people.

In her off time, you can find her climbing, hiking, creating art, or hanging out with her dog, Burger.