Colten L

Colten grew up in rural central Kansas. He has always enjoyed outdoor sports and activities. He stayed busy playing soccer, football and swimming on a swim team through his teens along with begin a sacker at a grocery store. Being part of a team and having fun to reach goals were the best lessons. He participated in scouts where hiking in the wilderness, building campfires, working together, and canoeing with groups throughout the Midwest and the Canadian Boundary Waters formed a lasting appreciation for nature.

He earned a fire science degree in 2018 and loved wildland fie fighting. He then was with a rural fire department for a year. After working for Domestic Violence of Central Kansas and Above and Beyond the Classroom, a grade school program, he decide to give more time to helping people and renewed his faith. The Elements program of encouraging others in both physical and emotional growth feels like a great fit.

During the off-time, Colten enjoys reading the Bible or faith building books, journaling, cooking chicken and rice, running outside, lifting weights, and watching football or comedies.