Ethan M

Ethan loves his home state of Utah from its alpine peaks to its expansive plateaus.  He is passionate about the state’s wilderness areas and loves to show others why it’s such a special and important place. This has led him to studying Utah’s species and ecosystems and how to protect them.

As a kid he built forts, rescued minks and raccoons, skied a lot, and ate many crickets on dares.  By the age of 12, he just wanted to be in the mountains all the time. He has studied Utah specific “hard skills” like fire making and making natural cordage with a local primitive skills school.  He loves sharing said skills with anyone who’s interested.

He came to Elements looking to use his skills in a meaningful setting.

On his off shift you can find him trail running, reading, backcountry skiing, climbing, and relaxing with his friends and family.