Jennie W

Jennie is a Mainer. A Mainah, if you say it with a true Down East Maine accent. A Maniac, if you want her favorite and definitely most technical term. Growing up, she was constantly surrounded by nature. Her family would camp, bike, hike, boat, and beach it up at every possible chance. Maine taught Jennie to slow down, how to listen, and how to see nature’s beauty more clearly.

Maine did not, however, teach Jennie how to love to the cold, causing her to apply to only southern schools. She earned her degree — a BA in Biology with Chemistry and French minors — at Berry College in Georgia. After graduating, Jennie worked as a ropes course facilitator focused on team building and leadership development, receiving her Wilderness First Responder certification along the way. She eventually moved to Atlanta to play on a competitive ultimate frisbee team while working odd jobs and creating art in her spare time.

Jennie had a challenging few years, where she found comfort in the mountains and gained confidence in her backcountry skills as she started solo section-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Feeling a westward pull and a strength in meeting people where they are at, Jennie decided to pursue a career that could combine her love of nature with her desire to make an impact on the lives of others. Eventually, she found her way to Elements Wilderness Program.

When she isn’t in the field, Jennie enjoys adventuring with her blue heeler Cahya, backpacking, singing, creating, thrifting, cooking, ultimate, running, traveling, reading, swing dancing, and driving with the windows down and the music up.