Marty N

Marty was born in Southeast Michigan, outside of Detroit. Growing up, he found himself immersed in sports, playing hockey, tennis, and lacrosse throughout his early life and through high school. He has since channeled this passion for physical activity and competitive nature more towards adventure sports, such as snowboarding and rock climbing.

After graduating high school, Marty attended Indiana University where he studied Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology in the School of Public Health and was a member of the Indiana University men’s hockey team. Marty gained lots of knowledge throughout his coursework and experiential learning as he fostered a desire to help others find the healing aspect of nature that was essential in his life. Through his involvement with the Indiana University Outdoor Adventure program and the Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology program, he has contributed to the growth and development of the outdoor skills of many individuals while continuing his own development. Marty’s passion for the outdoors and all of the benefits that it brings, along with his desire to share this with others, is what brought Marty to Elements Wilderness Program.

When not in the field, you can find Marty rock climbing, playing basketball, listening to music or podcasts, or traveling.