mike-wMike W

Field Supervisor

Born in Idaho and raised in Vermont, Michael has been playing in the woods for most of his life. Every day after school was devoted to a combination of reading, dam building in the local streams, and ranging far and wide with his trusty dog at his side. These experiences are the foundation of his love of nature, fueled by a constant sense of wonder and joy at the amazing vibrancy of life in the woods. This is likely why he hasn’t left Utah since moving here in 2005 to attend college, earning a B.S. of Sociology while exploring the astounding diversity of ecosystems that the Beehive state has to offer.

Curiosity born in the woods carries over into exploration of society and how we can best all get along. His senior thesis was on the persistence of minority and fringe groups through their use of cohesion building practices. While very heady, Michael finds the lessons he learns in the wilderness with Elements to be a grounded extension of what he learned in the classroom and in his own personal journey.

When not in the field with the boys, Michael enjoys reading, playing board games, rhapsodizing about food, falling into Wiki-holes, and sleeping in snow forts.