Sarah L

Assistant Group Lead

Sarah is originally from Connecticut. She attended Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in Neuroscience.  While in college, she worked with individuals with various neurological disorders and diseases, particularly enjoying her experiences with animal-assisted therapy.  This alternative to stereotypical biomedical interventions was appealing to her.  She then volunteered as a coach for Girls on the Run, a program designed to foster confidence and fitness in middle school aged girls. Sarah loved the combination of exercise and mental health. She began to volunteer at Benchmark, a power lifting and boxing-based program that catered to at-risk youth.  During this time, she also completed a semester-long internship with a Drug Treatment Court in Lancaster, PA.

After graduation, Sarah decided to look for opportunities to work with youth in an alternative setting. She had fallen in love with rappelling, caving, hiking, and kayaking while adventuring in Sweden, Austria, and he Czech Republic.  These combined interests led her to learn more about wilderness therapy, the concept of which immediately intrigued her. Sarah started working at Elements and has found it to be exciting, rewarding, and educational.